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    Human Resources

    NCC has powerful technical support and complete professional staff collocation of various disciplines, with total employment 3496 including 864 management staff, 55 persons in senior technical title, 132 persons in intermediate technical title, 556 persons in junior technical title, 122 persons with Constructor and Associate Constructor certificate and 52 persons with PMP certificate.

    Skilled labor: 2632 including 52 Senior Masters and Masters, covering craft of weld, rivet, pipe fitter, locksmith, rigger, scaffolding, electrician, instrument, painting, insulation, NDT operator, re-bar, tile, cement, refractory, survey.

    Human resources is not only the company's most valuable wealth, but also the huge power for development and occupation of bigger market. We will, as always, adhere to the development strategy of "people-oriented, talents foremost " in Company Management. NCC will join hands with our stuff to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

    HR Department Tel: 58365587